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Nov 2019

E113 The Magic of Electrons

November 13, 2019

What do electrons have to do with a healthy lifestyle? Quite a bit actually. Eric takes a deep dive into some science to explain the purpose of electrons, how we get them, and what they do for us.

Important Announcement: In the spirit of the holiday season, Eric and Chad are going to take a little break (after 2+ years of a LOT of research and time, it's probably warranted). They will be back with all-new episodes the first week of 2020! In the meantime, we'll run some important past episodes, just in case you missed them.

Why are we talking about electrons?

Where do we obtain high-energy electrons?

What role does our diet play?

The electron transport chain (and what's really going on).

A whole lotta science comin' at Chad (and you!)

Why does it all matter?

Do we get more ATP from fatty acids or glucose molecules?

How keto maximizes the efficiency of the electron transport chain.

And, the 3 main pillars of an optimized, healthy lifestyle.

In this episode, Eric also discusses how bioStak interacts with the electron transport chain (hint: it helps it a lot). If you haven't experienced the bioStak difference for yourself yet, what are you waiting for?? Go to today!

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