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Jan 2018

E21 How to HIIT It in Ketosis: The High Intensity Episode

January 17, 2018

So on this last Sunday Supp a question was asked about High Intensity Interval Training. Eric briefly answered the question but felt like there was a lot more that could be discussed on the ins and outs of HIIT workouts. Chad took it one step further by challenging Eric to have this episode discussion while completing a HIIT workout himself. So tune in for some intense discussion during an intense workout (and pay no attention to Eric's heavy breathing...unless you're into that kind of thing, no judgment).

Perceived Effort vs Actual Effort

Where do you get that first 5-10 seconds of energy burst from?

Don't judge your workout before it starts.

What's going on in your body during a HIIT workout?

Heart rate max is great, but heart rate DROP is where it's really at.

What difference does ketosis make on HIIT training?

The importance of muscle adaptation.

How to properly measure a heart rate drop.

How to effectively design a HIIT program at home.

Looking to add some high intensity to your routine? Then the guys have you covered as they talk about the importance of this style of training and what it does for your body, especially in ketosis. It's all about that beta, and it turns out ketones are a fantastic complement to HIIT training!

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