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Dec 2019

REPLAY E72 Fruit And Keto

December 18, 2019

Today Eric and Chad discuss "nature's candy". Is fruit really everything it's cracked up to be? And how does fruit fit into a keto lifestyle? 

A dark day in Chad's keto journey.

Is there such a thing as a healthy sugar? And does fruit have it?

Can the body differentiate between sources of fructose and glucose?

Meats vs Fruits: which has more vitamins and nutrients?

Fructose and fatty liver disease.

Fruit! Double the dopamine hit and NO hunger satiation.

Why Eric doesn't use mouthwash.

And how keto is a great safety mechanism for avoiding the bad stuff.

But what about those anti-oxidants?? Do you know what's a far better (and healthier) source of potent anti-oxidants than fruit? bioStak. Check out and see for yourself.

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