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Dec 2019

REPLAY E74 Electrolytes And Keto

December 11, 2019

Replenish those electrolytes! It's probably a phrase we've all heard at some point, and maybe even used ourselves. But what do electrolytes actually do? And why are they so important, particularly with ketogenic nutrition? Eric has some sciency answers for us today.

The effect of electrolytes on the keto flu.

How electrolytes are supercharged to move fluids.

Our body is full of...solvents?

Can you drink too much water?

What role does astaxanthin play in cellular health?

If our cells are the hip new club, what acts as the bouncers?

How the color of your pee tells all.

Eric shares his upcoming electrolyte experiment.

And the importance of sodium on keto.

Really, everything comes down to cellular health, and particularly cellular membrane health. Eric does have an easy way to improve BOTH. Go to and treat your cells right.

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